We are all of us searching for something that might be truth,
or at least might resemble the truth. We look for it in the
faces of strangers and the gentle touches of friends, in the
oblivion and altered lens of reality found in a glass of wine
or even, some of us, in other substances controlled from us by
our government. 
	We are all searching for something that makes sense, something 
that will make all the pain and desolution and heartbreak 
understandable. Unspoken in this is the assumption that somehow
things that are more understandable are more bearable.
	Is it any wonder that we invent gods? There must be, we reason,
something better than humanity, something more poewrfull, something _more_.
We look to words of old, and presumably more learned, and we look to the
wonder found in the young, forever searching for what might be truth.
	I say that truth is in this moment.. truth is in each of our perceptions,
the lens each of us holds up to the world. I say there is truth in all religions,
but more than that, there is truth in kindness, truth in gentleness, truth in
chosing love over hate. There is truth in living in the moment, grokking each
second for all it's worth. There is truth in life.. and eventually, and inevitably,
there is truth in death.
	Be my companion on this search for truth. I will respect your views, your
perceptions, if you will respect mine. The four equal possibilities to me are that
neither you nor I are right, you are right and I am wrong, I am right and you are 
wrong, or, what seems likely, we are both right. Or possibly both right some and wrong
some. In any case, your perceptions shed further understanding on my own, and I hope,
my perceptions are enligtening to you.
	Touch me. There is truth in touch.
	Love me. There is truth in love.
	Try not to hurt me, for mine is a gentle soul, already too much battered by the ways
of time, darkness, evil, and pain.
	I will endeavor not to hurt you :- but sometimes I make mistakes. Please help
me to understand when I am hurting you, so I can right the wrong before it becomes a 
gap between us.
	Above all else, help me along this road of life, and I will help you.

For: PretZel, Stripsies, Banshee (by any other name would be as sweet), Phoebe, Thorn, Nathan, Misfit, Kitsune, Swampdonkey, Middie, Swooshie (Always!).. and many many others. You know who you are.

Also for: Lee, Powell, Mike, Martin, Brad, Roy, and of course that punk ass jeff. You guys are the greatest.


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