Was wandering through my hard disk, and found these old friscofest pictures.

Also, my more-or-less unsorted pics as I take them are available here. A lot of these may be really high res, or of obscure stuff. If you're looking for pics of the EV project, this link will probebly be more helpful to you.

Yep, it's time for more of Sheer's meaningless musings.

Just got done talking to a friend of mine, who gave me a link to a article I had read several years ago. Actually, it's far more timely now than it used to be.

There's a distinct sense, more and more, that we're living in the funny farm and they've finally given up on the shrinks.

On other fronts, several companies have sprung up with a suprising new scam: selling you your own credit report for $50-$100. (the exact amount varies). It's actually a rather amusing deal.. if you've ever signed up for a adult website, you know that part of the deal is that you've agreed to pay $20 a month forever, or at least until they switch off that credit card. Ask to cancel all you like, it probebly won't do any good.

Well, lately the scammers (www.privacyguard.com and www.freecreditreport.com among others) have come up with a entirely new way to get you to sign up perpetually for a service you don't need. They offer you a 'free' credit report. Hrm, no big deal, we all know we're entitled to a free credit report any time we're turned down for anything, right? If you really want a free credit report, the easist way to get it is to apply for a million dollar loan from your local bank. But, never mind that - these companies offer you a free credit report, just for asking. Oh, by the way, you need your credit card number, and if you read the fine print, we'll charge you $60.00 - once a year - forever. Cute, rather, isn't it?

The sick thing is that businesses like this are making money. Lots of money. The new use of the network is to scam people - we tried using it for porn, but that situation quickly progressed to saturation. So now, it's the scamhouse of the century.

People, it is our duty to put businesses like this out of business. It's not hard. Just call 'em a couple times a day and tell them 'I'm just calling you to run up your phone bill'. Suprisingly enough, they can't actually do anything to you for this. Try and keep 'em on the phone long enough to chew through a few bucks of 1-800 number time. If enough of y'all join in (you don't actually need to get an account, though you must pay a few hours of your time), we can have them in the red and out of business in no time.

And, that's a good thing. The less scams on the 'net, the more chance for honest, usefull services to evolve there. And, right now, there's .. well... er.. a major shortage of same.

> Reported in our local newspaper this morning from the Harper's Index 
> (though I didn't find these on their website, yet. harpers.org):
> Gallons by which daily U.S. oil comsumption would drop if sport 
> utility vehicles' average fuel efficiency increased by 3 miles per 
> gallon: 49,000,000
> Gallons per day that the proposed drilling of Alaska's Arctic 
> National Wildlife Refuge is projected to yield: 42,000,000

I haven't read this all the way through yet, but it looks interesting.

Don't miss a chance to boycott bush. Actually, this site shows who 'owns' bush - i.e. who payed for his campaign. Nice things to know

Well, didn't you always want a president who wasn't a career politican? Here's one option. Yes, he's on crack. Yes, he goes too far. Yes, he is pretty funny.

this is a very interesting article. Freedom of the press is going - is there any hope we'll fight back? Nope - we're all too plugged into our TVs.

The Mullet. You know you love it.

remember RFC 1149? someone finally implimented it..

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