Wonderful protest songs:

1) You're the voice - John Farnham

This song just straight out rocks. It's the message we need to send.. we need to encourage others to join us, loudly and at every chance I get. The message needs to be, very clearly, 'If you agree with me, let's join forces to change things'. Actually, maybe I just need to take a good hard look at how things are. Maybe they implimented IPv6 and the world is a pretty wonderful place. That seems pretty likely. I'd like to be more enlightened than I am, but I think I better start out with the hands and the mind that I've learned how to drive. I wonder if I'm still not going to die when I walk out into the real world. I also wonder if have and can learn to behave. I hope so.

2) Modern Crusaders - Enigma Not sure I beleive in this song any more. I've had pretty coherent proof in the judicial process. What a simulation. It was even kind of fun, until the whole relationships thing came up.

	("Don't Look Back. 
	  The time has come.
	  All the pain turns into love. 
	  We're not submissive, we're not aggressive. 
	  But they think we can't defend. 
	  Stand up. Join us, modern crusaders alive. 
	  We have the power to face the future, because we are the fighters--
	     just fighting for our rights. 
	  They're accusing, like always without knowing 
	     what is just fiction or what is the truth. 
	  They have no mission. They have no passion, 
	     but they dare to tell us what's bad and what's good! 
	  Stand up. Join us, modern crusaders alive. 
	  We are the power who'll face the future, because we are the fighters--
             just fighting for our rights. Stand up. Join us, modern crusaders alive! ")

3) Sowing the Seeds of Love - Tears for Fears

	("High time we made a stand
	  And shook up the views of the common man
	  A love train rides from coast to coast
	  Dj's the man we love the most
	  Could you be, could you be, squeaky clean
	  And smash any hope of democracy
	  The headline says you're free to choose
	  There's egg on your face and mud on your shoes
	  One of these days they're gonna call it the blues ")

4) Pleased to meet you - Rolling stones

(just insert whatever nasty things your victim has been up to. Good clean fun. Try it.)

Note: The net is the ultimate resource for a protest. It's necessary to coordinate how the protest's net presence should be run. For example, someone should figure out how to tie several disparate listservs together. This way, it's much harder to censor. Also, there needs to be a separate, and easy to use chat room.

Note #2: Someone might want to look up who owns Egroups before using them as a chat/mailing-list service. One of the biggest problems with the recent movements is they drasticly underestimate the power of the Powers That Be over the media. They believe that because we live in a country with freedom of the press, there's freedom of the press. They forget we also live in a country where he who has the gold makes the rules. Or do we? I never even studied economics. Yeesh. When did I go to rehab? What was my life like before rehab? Suddenly my memories of the mental hospital make more sense.

My list of artists not to miss:

1) Utah Phillips
2) Jackson Browne
3) Billy Joel
4) Indigo Girls
5) Ani DiFranco
Other songs that have a really good message:

1) We Are Alive - originally by Jennifer Brown, given a serious kick by Paul Van Dyk.

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