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As promised, we actually have some newer stuff here now. (here is a link to my older stuff).
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Many files now available in OGG Vorbis format.
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From May 2, 2004 to Oct 2006 I was in the electronica jam band Mischief Committeee. We recorded one album, which is available here

I've also recorded a couple of solo albums, available here (HWGA2010) and here (christmas 2012)

Some jam sessions with musicians around the world: (warning, many of these are long and contain significant portions of 'working things out' or non-music content)

Ron Miller, who has sadly gone missing.
Patti Jiminez, a brilliant singer.
Mike Mesford, a jammin' lead guitarist with some rhythm chops too
Madrory (real name unknown), a guitarist and keyboard player - and note he lives in Scotland, and these jams were done internationally via the net!
More Madrory
Scott and Heidianna - who live in new york, more networked jams
Heidianna and Scott - ;-)
Tory True, a seattle based keyboard and drum machine player who lays down some tasty beats

Check back later, I hope soon to get around to putting up some of the best song clips out of these jams.

Now, some of my more advanced projects (mostly solo work)- We have:

OGG linkMP3 linkWho?Date
Monkey Boy (ogg) Monkey Boy (mp3) (Solo - mostly Reason) (please note the text Bush says in this clip is FICTION. Um, I hope so anyway.)2003
Phen's song (ogg) Phen's song (mp3) SoloMay 2002
Direct Action (incomplete-ogg) Direct Action (incomplete-mp3 SoloJan 2003
Requim for Hiroshima (ogg) Requim for Hiroshima (mp3) SoloFeb 2003
Unnamed (incomplete-ogg) Unnamed (incomplete-mp3) SoloFeb 2003
Happy Happy SoloFeb 2003
Phoebe's Song - Ambient Mix Phoebe's Song - Ambient Mix (mp3) (w/ Nicka Maxwell on Drums, MixdownAug 2003
House Of The Rising Sun - Acid Mix House Of The Rising Sun - Acid Mix (w/ Nicka Maxwell on Drums, MixdownAug 2003
Hearts Of Space (ogg) Hearts Of Space (mp3) (w/ Nicka Maxwell on Drums, MixdownAug 2003
PLR - diversity (ogg) PLR - diversity (mp3) SoloNov 2003
Love_Hate 80s version Love Hate 80s version (With Esen and Mike M)2004
Love Hate Goth Version Love Hate Goth version (With Esen and Mike M)2004
Love_Hate_Accoustic_Version Love Hate Accoustic Version (With Esen and Mike M)2004
Phen's song, part Duex Phen's song, part Duex (Solo - later became a MC song)2004
(not converted) Phoebe's song - Goodbye (Solo)Nov 2004
(not converted) Kayti's song - Echos of love (Solo)Nov 2004
(not converted) Jennifer's Birthday Song (Solo)Apr 2005
(not converted) Dark Where The Mind Falls (Solo)Sep 2009
(not converted) Eye Of The Storm II (Solo)Sep 2009
(not converted) Vicky's song (Solo)Sep 2009
(not converted) Hello, World (test clip for Intel DP) (Solo)Nov 2009
(not converted) Kissed (Solo)Apr 2010
(not converted) I never thought (solo)Apr 2010
(not converted) TCP blues (solo)Apr 2010
(not converted) Sex (solo)Apr 2010
(not converted) Centauri (Solo)May 2010
(not converted) Phone Sex (solo)May 2010
(not converted) Yin's lullabye (solo)May 2010
(not converted) Sunset (Solo)May 2010
Also, from time to time I do solo live jam sessions on wshr. I am going to start archiving these at this address.

Musicians in the Orange County area: on the off chance that any of you out there want to get together and jam, I love kicking it - give me a email at sheer dash panic at sheer dot us.

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