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[2001] Many people have requested, for god only knows what reason, that I put my music up on the web. So here are a couple of tunes for you all, to keep you all occupied. (here are some newer works). None of it's great, although I think I'm definitely better when I'm working with other people - and the weaknesses in the songs with other people are definitely mine. Anyway, here it is, for what it's worth.

We have:

Tide And Time - 1998

Wikked's Lullabye - 1999

Flourecent light dreams - with Sean Lucero on guitar - 1999

Takeout - with Craig on bass - 1999

Musicians in the Seattle area: on the off chance that any of you out there want to get together and jam, I love kicking it - give me a email at sheer dash pullen at sheer dot u s

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