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From the WTF was I thinking column... I've come to a acceptance that I'm not a very important person in the world and never will be - if It's a wonderful Life was shot about me, my dissapearance probably wouldn't affect the world. Or at least not in obvious ways - if the people who theorize that a butterfly can flap its wings in one city and affect the weather in another are correct, my dissapearance would affect the world in a whole lot of subtle and difficult to predict ways. But probably nothing that you could make a movie about. Sometimes I worry that the world would in fact be a better place without me. But this is the year 2005, there are 6.5 billion people on the planet, and one is by definition going to be inconsequential. My life matters to me.

Small things are big
Big things are small
Tiny acts have huge effects

From left to right, Sheer, Jennifer, John, Cheryl, Mark.
Some Beliefs
My web page had gotten a little too cluttered lately, so I thought I'd sort it a little bit. (again)
Here are basically all the links you might be looking for: (I'm assuming you're here because you want to learn about me, or some service I provide. This might be a bad assumption. If you're just looking for general information about the world, try Google or The Wikipedia or Everything2
) But, if you're here for me and the things I work on:
My electric vehicle, and more about my electric vehicle.
EVTech, a mailing list I run for EV geeks.
My new music, and my old music.
My resume.
My (somewhat scary at times) Journal
Apologies to Afghanistan and China and Iraq. (Coming soon: A apology to Syria or Iran? Hard to say. Let's all hope not!)
Sheer, v3Sheer, v2 Sheer, v1
Mischief Committee, my band.
Experimental LZX app for Mischief Committee

A postcard from Thailand.
From time to time, I can be heard streaming on WSHR. At other times it may have other content - or be down altogeather. It's very unpredictable.

Spammers, please feed my baysian filter at spam@sheer.us. Everyone else, you can email me at sheer@sheer.us

I haven't been owned lately.

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