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Sheer.us: Sheer Pullen's home on the web

War is terrorism.
Anybody who tells you otherwise is selling something.

My web page had gotten a little too cluttered lately, so I thought I'd sort it a little bit.
Here are basically all the links you might be looking for: (I'm assuming you're here because you want to learn about me, or some service I provide. This might be a bad assumption. If you're just looking for general information about the world, try Google or The Wikipedia).
But, if you're here for me and the things I work on:
My electric vehicle, and more about my electric vehicle.
EVTech, a mailing list I run for EV geeks.
My new music, and my old music.
My (severely out of date) resume.
My (somewhat scary at times) Journal
Apologies to China and Iraq. (Coming soon: A apology to Syria or Iran? Hard to say)
My most recent old web page A even older old web page
Mischief Committee, my band.

A postcard from Thailand.
From time to time, I can be heard streaming on WSHR. At other times it may have other content - or be down altogeather. It's very unpredictable.

Spammers, please feed my baysian filter at spam@sheer.us. Everyone else, you can email me at sheer@sheer.us

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