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My personal apology to the people of Iraq and Saddam Hussain New music has been put up. One incomplete snippet and two whole songs so far.

The Seattle Ferry System gets decked out for the season with a peace sign. Seattle does have some good points..

A priceless little bit of humor (well, it's only funny to us dot-communists).

Bob Harris has done his usual good job of making pointed observations about America's latest acts of stupidity (the war on terrorism) here

Echo networks has come back from the dead, much to my suprise. And their software still rules. (Echo has adaptive playlists - you rate the songs, and they serve you more good stuff)

Okay, maybe it's selling out, but here's sheer's list of 9/11 songs. Of late I've been writing a lot for The Sad Truth, a e-zine published by Cygnostik Industries and more recently Electric Scooter Magazine, a actual real physical magazine. I've also been maintaining [kind of] a live journal. Excellent article about Music on the net

Little thought provoker on the current state of the government. Read this one. You'll be glad - er - sorry - er, I guarentee it will make you think.

I finally fixed my link page to actually include only live and working web sites.

Time for some Urbun Warfare Muhahahaha.

And I've started collecting my letters to my mother. Or at least the more irate ones. ;-) By the way, I'd like to take this oppertunity to publicly thank my parents for (perhaps deliberately, perhaps inadvertently) allowing me to get a LOT of valuable life skills - and avoid being turned into a conformist mooing cow by spending too much time in the public education system. I complain about my latter years with them a lot, but actually I suspect that many of their decisions helped me to be who I am today, and for that I owe them.

Another recent addition is my commentary about Tom Leykis.

jackson Browne For America

why are these lyrics here?

As if I really didn't understand

That I was just another part of the plan

I went off looking for the promise, believing in the mother land

From the comfort of a dreamers bed and the safety of my own head

I went off speaking of the future while other people fought and bled

The kid I was when I first left home

Was looking for his freedom and a life of his own

But the freedom that he found wasn't quite as sweet when the truth was known

I have prayed for America

I was made for America

It's in my blood and in my bones

By the dawn's early light

By all I know is right

We're gonna reap what we have sown Author's note - And we will.

As if freedom was a question of might

As if loyalty was black and white

You hear people say it all the time

'My country wrong or right'

I want to know what that's got to do

With what it takes to find out what's true

With everyone from the president on down trying to keep it from you

The thing I wonder about the dads and moms

Who send their sons to the vietnams

DO they really think their way of life has been protected as the next war comes

I have prayed for America

I was made for America

her shining dream plays in my mind

By the rockets red flare

A generation's blank stare

We better wake her up this time.

The kid I was when I first left home

Was looking for his freedom and a life of his own

But the freedom that he found wasn't quite as sweet

When the truth was known

I have prayed for America

I was made for America

I can't let go until she's come 'round

Until the land of the free

Is awake and can see

And until her conscience has been found.

Somehow my old web page doesn't seem as current in my life any more. I mean, a lot of things have happened since it was written.

That's how it is, though. I've gotten tired of punching in which new company has hired me, but mercifully, the companies have gotten tired of hiring me, so everything's okay. [But, if you need some C, C++, Perl, or unix system administration, or electric vehicle design or implimentation - and you're willing to pay for it - let me know]

A few of my favorite quotes

Some thoughts on the origin of mankind

My thoughts on China, specifically a apology to all people of this nation for the horrendous mistake America made earlier, in which we accidentally bombed their embassy.

Comments on the recent presidential race.recent presidential race

Comments about the rather broken situation our government is in.

Comments sent to Sen. Dianne Feinstein about napster A interesting file I found on Gnutella, and comments about it are here

Sheer picks the Protest Songs

Sheer points out the possibility that The Captain Lied

I wish the real world would stop hassling me. Please don't change, please don't break, it seems the only thing that works around here is you. (okay, my SO says that sounds like I'm singing a love song to Bob Harris. I don't want to have Bob Harris's illegitimate love child, but I do like the way he thinks. And I wish there were more people like them.)

The EV project is going well - the car can actually be driven, except that it can't right now because we're redoing the suspension. You can also find it's 'improved' web page here ;-)

A humble suggestion for a way out of the mess we're in More stuff and things

take free enneagram test

Live streaming, sometimes

Now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can listen to me practice or record (some of the time). If I happen to be playing (and I usually do between 10 and midnight PST), just hit up this link and have windows media player or winamp installed.

You low bandwidth suckas can always hit up this link instead.

If I'm not playing, perhaps you'll hear some of my favorite music instead. If you can't stand what's playing, click here

For those of you curious as to how to reach me: this email should be good for a long time.

MSN fights the power. Aren't they pathetic? And isn't it great that we managed to scare them badly enough to put this on the _front page_? Let's not back off now. Send it 'round, we might actually be able to do some damage here.

Check out these priceless scans of a letter from Epoch Internet: page one page two. The truth comes out - no, we can't keep selling it for less than it costs and make it up in volume.

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Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan Computer


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