Recently, I was searching for one of my favorite artists on Gnutella and I came across this message.

I think we can all agree with it's spirit. America is best known for our ENTERTAINMENT? What the HELL is that supposed to do for us? Great, we're amusing. We're AMUSING? Is this really what you want to be? Hello, let's get it in GEAR. Napster gets music to people better and with a little microplay mixed in could pay the artists better too. The labels could do this themselves, saving us all a LOT of trouble. But they won't. Or at least not fast.. Right now we've got a system that does it efficiently and well. All we need is the ability to click any song and choose to pay a donation to the author. Of course, most of us would never shell out, because we're convinced rock stars are rich.

Hrm. Maybe they are. But, by showing how much had been donated to any given artist, you could sort of decide how much you wanted to donate. MP3.COM was trying to do this, and the labels ran 'em into the ground. But someone else will try harder, and better. Part of the problem is that common sense says you can't stream the whole format every time and you need to do some kind of DRM - and paranoia says ohmygodwhatifthemeannastyhackersgetit. YOU DIPSHITS! They're out there copying CD quality audio.. along with me and everyone else. What more can you offer? We're NOT going to have orgasms over getting the CD art.. if we wanted the CD art, we'd buy the damn CD. You've already made this PLENTY easy.

Anyway, here's the message.. from its spirit I'm guessing you're free to copy it and name it interesting things. Preferably things that get a lot of hits.

If you are reading this, then you probably got this file off of the Gnutella network which 
means YOU have what it takes to rip the head off of RIAA! 

Did you ever wonder how the republicans impeached Bill Clinton? They did it by 
sticking together. They all marched in lock step in the house. When it got to the Senate, 
there was disagreement and they didn't get him thrown out of office. There were more 
republicans than democrats but they didn't stick together in the Senate.

Regardless of what you think about Bill Clinton, the same holds true here. There are 
more of us then there are of them. If everyone shares files on the Gnutella network, there 
will be nothing they can do!

Even if RIAA does get a law passed banning the use of Gnutella how will they enforce 

If 10,000,000 people are doing this everyday, they will have to obtain 10,000,000 search 
warrants which will require 10,000,000 cops, 10,000,000 trials, 10,000,000 jail cells, 
10,000,000 prison grads, 30,000,000 meals per day, and cost BILLONS of dollars. Since 
99% of the people using Gnutella are tax payers, where are they going to get the money.

Federal, state and local law enforcement has better things to do than to run around and 
enforce copy writes. However, if there are only 100 of us sharing files, that will make 
their job a lot easier.

Those of you who do not share files will not be in jail, but you won't get free music 
anymore. You will have to go back to paying $17 for a CD with 1 good song on it ($25 
plus $.25 each time you listen if RIAA has their way).

If we all share ALL of our files, no one goes to jail and we all get free music! UNITED 

These are just a few suggestions on what to do to hurt RIAA


If you have access to or can afford broadband access (cable, dsl, etc) then for god sakes 
go get it. Then share as many files as you can and leave your Gnutella client running as 
much as you can.

This will not work if there is not good quality music out on the network.


companies force artists into contracts in which they get maybe 5% of the net profit from 
record sales.

Most bands make their money from concert ticket sales and merchandising. If you want 
to support your favorite artist, go to their concert when they come to town and buy a t-
shirt or two.

There are some artists who are so big that they do get a significant portion of the record 
sales. Metallica, for instance, does have a pretty good contract. The thing you have to 
consider though, is the fact that their income will remain $1 million per year EVEN IF 
they never sell another CD. They still get royalties from their logo and they all have very 
lucrative investments. 


The general rule here is: anything you want. If you like it, chances are there is someone 
else who likes it as well.

I, personally, will host music that I don't even like (Garth Brooks, for example) (Update From Day 5/Weds Mar 29 2006: Love the music of Garth Brooks now). I do this 
so that there is a good connection to a quality file if someone wants it. I keep it in a 
special folder that does not get backed up. I also have the hard drive space to do this. You 
should do what ever you can to make music more available.

Now would be a good time to discuss pornography. It is my opinion that pornography has 
no place on Gnutella. I think that this network is for music. 

(See what Sheer thinks now? He thinks maybe you can't tell what a file is to someone else, ever. He thinks, learn that there are many points of view. He thinks, you never know just how you look through other people's eyes. He stole that last line from Butthole Surfers - Pepper, the song)

I am also very worried about some of the illegal stuff running around out there (like kiddie 
porn). If you are a pedophile, please do the world a favor and have yourself neutered. If 
this type of material keeps floating around out there, then we will have law enforcement 
sniffing around which is bad for everyone. Believe it or not, the guys in Washington will 
protect children before they protect money! So if all we are doing is dipping into deep 
pockets (which we're not) then they will keep their nose out of Gnutella.

Sheer has no clue what to do about this basic problem.

If you are looking for free pornography, I will let you in on a little secret! Its called 

Go out to or and get an application call Free 

Hook up to a news server. Your ISP probably has one you can use for free. Look through 
the list of newsgroups and select those which best fit your particular perversion.

If you can't find any good stuff, go to a commercial news server (usually about 
$10/month for all the porn you can download). To find a commercial news server, run a 
search on Yahoo for "news servers". Below is a list you can also try

Most of them host between 50,000 and 100,000 uncensored newsgroups with every type 
of sick crap you can imagine and some you wish you never knew about.

Trust me on this I speak from experience.


The backbone of this whole 3 ring circus in the technology which allows us to take a 
song off of a CD and turn it into an manageable digital file. To RIP a CD you must first 
have a CD which presents an interesting problem. If you buy the CD then you are lining 
the pockets of RIAA which we don't want to do. Here are some suggestions for obtaining 
CD's without buying them

-- DO NOT SHOP LIFT, HIJACK, STICK-UP OR STEAL (RIAA won't loose a dime if 
you do)
-- Borrow CD's
-- Buy them from a used record store (RIAA doesn't get a dime and you may be able to 
sell it back for about 40% when you are done)
-- If you borrow CD's loan them out as well

The best software for RIPping CD's is, in my opinion, Easy CD-DA Extractor from 
Jukka Poikolainen Software. Go to or and 
download the file.

Be sure that the file is high quality. It doesn't have to be 320bps. 128bps will generally be 
good enough for a reproduction onto a CD. If you have the drive space you can jack up 
the sample rate a little. I prefer 192bps.

Since this company and others like it are making RIAA's life miserable, I would suggest 
that you pay for the full version of this software. It is well worth the money.

If we support hardware and software manufactures who make RIPping and sharing 
easier, we not only slap RIAA in the face but gain a very powerful ally in the war against 

Some say not to RIP the entire CD unless it is good. You decide if it is good or bad and 
how many songs you want to RIP and share.

If you do not have the technical expertise or the equipment to RIP CD's, you can find 
someone who does that will be more than willing to help you. 

If you have the technical expertise to RIP files, please teach someone else who does not. 
Share the knowledge!


There is a virus floating around Gnutella. It doesn't do much harm, it is just a proof of 
concept (to prove it could be done). It is pretty easy to spot, it will always be 8192k in 

It is easy to spot too. Run a search for something stupid like "Porcupine quill 
degradation". Your result will be a file called whatever you typed in for search and it will 
be 8192k. Don't download it! 

If you have files in your shared folders that are 8192k, fucking delete them.  

You need to get a virus protection program. I have seen the latest version of McAffe 
available on Gnutella go get in NOW.

You also need a firewall. You can get one for free (legally) by going to or and run a search for Syshiel Personal Firewall. 
It is free for personal use. It is easy to use and is a no nonsense security system.


love others too (A update by Sheer on Day 5 - Mar 29, 2006 according to my computer's date counter)

Word of mouth is the most effective advertising! If you know someone who still pays full 
price for CD's, make fun of them. Invite them to your house to show them just how easy 
it is to get music for free.

Host files, like this one on your hard drive. You can also name your music files to 
encourage others to share. For example:
Metallica  Enter Sandman (please share your files).mp3

I host over 1,000 files and every time one is hit, my message is seen. I have my own 
system for naming files. It doesn't hurt anything to change the name of the files.


It may be necessary for some people to freeload (download but not upload). People who 
cannot get or afford broadband access usually cannot get any good out of Guntella. If you 
have a slow connection, this is something you could do:

Download the things you want in the early evening. Then when you go to bed, leave your 
connection live and share maybe 5 or 10 files that you think others might want. If you are 
concerned about security (which everyone should be) then go get a personal firewall. The 
good news is that you can get one for free legally!

Go to,, or and search for 
Syshiel Personal Firewall. This is a free application to personal users (business users have 
to pay for it) and it is a simple to use no nonsense firewall.


This file does not have a copy write. You will not get into trouble for reproducing or 
changing it. Everything I have said here protected by the first amendment of the 
Constitution of the United States of America. 

Lets RIP their fucking heads off!

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