The only requirements should be the ability to run PHP scripts.

Quick Install

Change the $countfile and $iplogfile settings in simpcounter.php.
Upload the entire simpcounter directory to your main directory on your server.
Change permissions (chmod) the count.txt and iplog.txt files so they're writeable, 666 should do, if not try 777.

You should be able to do this with your FTP client.

Call up the example.php file in your browser to get the code to add to your pages.

You will need to edit the $imgdir and $usetextcounter settings in the simpcounter.php file if you want to use the graphical counter. You will want to edit the $countonlyunique setting if you want to count unique visits only.

You can visit the following link for help with Simp Counter 1.1
Simp Counter 1.1

Visit for more code and scripts: