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Gearhead..As a electronic musician, it seems like I just can't win. In theory, there is a perfect time to buy gear - when it's 'obsolete' but not 'vintage' - one really odd thing about musical instruments, at least the electronic kind I play with, is that at first they're valuable because they're new. Then they get cheaper because they're obsolete. Then they get more expensive because they're vintage. Eventually, they cost more than they did new.
The problem is that I'm apparently part of the herd - I fall in love with a sound because I hear it on a Paul Van Dyk album, and I want the synth that created it - which, naturally, is either so new that they haven't really finished the manual yet, or so vintage that I'd have to save up for a year just to afford it.
What I really need to work on is my timing. And I don't just mean in the sense of nailing the downbeat..
Thought # 6 / 2006-08-08 14:19:29
Small things are big
Big things are small
Tiny acts have huge effects

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So, it remains to be seen if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.. I will say the math is starting to get pretty hardcore around here.

Here’s the computing farm..

You know things are getting serious when I can find a use for 26 cores, 12 of which are high end Xeon.

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Exploring the Stephen's Pass train tunnel, where ES hsa a d00f every year.


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