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PLUR and world religionsOnce, in a extreme fit of naivity, I assumed that the great religions of the world all had a common theme - kind of the positive values promoted in raver culture (before they all turned cynical) - Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Imagine my suprise when I started actually reading the texts of the world religions and finding out about everything from dieties committing genocide to selling your daughter into slavery. All I have to say is I preferred the version that I had in my head before I became enlightened.Thought # 8 / 2006-08-14 15:29:43
Small things are big
Big things are small
Tiny acts have huge effects

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So, it remains to be seen if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.. I will say the math is starting to get pretty hardcore around here.

Here’s the computing farm..

You know things are getting serious when I can find a use for 26 cores, 12 of which are high end Xeon.

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Sometimes it snows in Seattle


Exploring the Stephen's Pass train tunnel, where ES hsa a d00f every year.


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