Chunkers Untie - er - unite - er - learn to type


Well, of late I've discovered a very unusual California institution called "Chunking". It's sort of like spodding (for all you spods out there) and sort of like BBSing. Actually, you might say it's a marriage between the two, with a bit of madness and a liberal dose of stupidity thrown in. Anyway, my favorite place to chunk is a bbs called AMX.

If you're wondering what sort of trouble I'm getting into, here are a few pics to enlighten you.
Of late, no social occasion is complete without Bri. (and I know of few other people who can make my name take two minutes to say..)

You have to love Kat, she throws such wonderful part^H^H^H^Hsocial gatherings.

And, for proof that chivalry is not dead (but sanity is) check out Killroy and his SO, JenJo.

If you have an answer, we might have a .. Question.

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